The Showroom

Welcome to The Showroom. Below is our entire current range of doors.


Traditional Ranges

Our range of traditional style doors. Timeless classics that suit most houses.

Avondale_Icon.fw Cambridge_Icon.fw Gresham_Icon.fw HaptonIvory_Icon.fw

LineaIvory_Icon.fw Mayfair_Icon.fw Keswick_Icon.fw

Gloss Ranges

Our High Gloss doors are available in several colours and styles below. Adding two colours together in a kitchen design is a popular choice.

Lumi_Icon.fw Sorrento_Icon.fw Vico_Icon.fw Amalfi_Icon.fw

Keld_Icon.fw Eclipse_Icon.fw Arena_Icon.fw Apollo_Icon.fw


Very High Gloss Acrylic Ranges

Odyssey Acrylic doors are our highest gloss range. If your looking for the ultra modern look these may be for you.

OdysseyWhite_Icon.fw OdysseyCream_Icon.fw OdysseyBlack_Icon.fw

OdysseyMiraCosa_Icon.fw OdysseyAubergine_Icon.fw

Handle Less Ranges

Don’t like the look of handles? then the ranges below could be a great choice.

Larissa_Icon.fw Lucerne_Icon.fw

Wood Grain Effect Ranges

We have a beautiful range of Wood Grain doors below, from the classic look of the Ivory Ash doors to very modern sharp edged Hebden Walnut.

Oxford_Icon.fw   HaptonBeech_Icon.fw   Kendal_Icon.fw

LineaOak_Icon.fw   PortoOak_Icon.fw     ArcadiaWalnut_Icon.fw

Real Wood Ranges

And finally our solid wood doors.


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