Why Buy From CKD?


Choosing to replace your kitchen doors instead of an entire kitchen is cheaper, faster, easier and creates less mess – but why buy from Cambridge Kitchen Doors?


CKD have been supplying replacement kitchen doors to trade customers for a few years now via our sister company Kitchen Transformations.

We only supply high quality products and always keep our prices unbeatable. This combined with our fast, free delivery service (usually around 3 days and free on orders over £250) makes as a great choice.


Customer Service is our Number One priority. Most companies promise the earth and are great until there is a problem. We all know the story, we look at a great looking site or shop, buy exactly what we want, everything is great.

Then there is a problem. Every company will have problems but what sets us apart is how we deal with them. We go the extra mile to try and ensure your delivery is perfect.

If you buy something it should be delivered as ordered in the time frame specified. If there is a problem it should be dealt with by a competent person that you can contact easily and be dealt with well.

With Cambridge Kitchen Doors this is our standard service.

Remember you can contact us at any time using the Live Support Button on the top right of this page with any questions or queries.


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